Sports Injuries and Chiropractic Care

An area of care that is oft times overlooked is the treatment of contact sports injuries. In these types of injuries chiropractic care can lead to a reduction in pain and better healing time. It also can prevent long term issues that arise from injuries.

Goals for the treatment of sports injuries with chiropractic care is restoring joint function by decreasing pain and resolving any joint inflammation. This is done through an individual assessment to meet the specific needs of each individual. Treatment is geared towards you the individual with your individual needs.

Types of contact injuries that are treated generally relate to the back and neck areas. These sports consist of but are not limited to football, soccer, and wrestling to name a few. All sports run the risk of the participant sustaining an injury but those of contact sports have increased risk and challenges that have to be faced to prevent these type of injuries.

This doesn’t mean that these types of sports should not be participated in them. What it does mean is that you know that there are other treatment modalities to help you in the healing process. You only have one body and need to take care of it with the best possible care that works for you.

Specific guidelines are set for the treatment of different types of injuries for the best outcomes. Your chiropractor knows the importance of seeing you as an individual not just as an injury. They also know that there are basic outlined criteria for certain injuries that have proven to be effective in the treatment of injuries. This helps to structure a plan to provide the best outcomes possible for you.

With any type of treatment plan for your specific needs you will receive a set of instructions for home care. These help to promote a faster heal time and reduction of the inflammation that most injuries of this nature have. It is important that you follow these instructions.

Contact sports can be very hard on anybody’s body whether you are in the best of physical health or just keeping up. Let us face it things happen and injuries do occur. Whether you have an injury or not when playing any type of contact sport seeing a chiropractor can help you be the best that you can be.

When an injury occurs the usual process is to see a specialist in sports medicine. Talk with them about using chiropractic care as part of your treatment. Most will know and understand how chiropractic care works and the benefits of using this type of service. Pre-injury care means that you already have someone that you feel comfortable with treating your injuries.

Call us today and set up an appointment to see what we can offer in the way of preventive care or post contact sports injury.