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Lane Chiropractic

Professional, Compassionate Care

Long term neck and back pain are sadly common these days. However, untold numbers of patients have found relief and an increased quality of life through the introduction of chiropractic adjustments into their continuum of care. Here at Lane Chiropractic in Silverdale, WA, we believe in providing only the best services possible.

Dr Lane believes that only through competent and up-to-date chiropractic care will you be better able to get back to health. We utlize safe chiropractic manipulation methods so you can focus more fully on recovery rather than focusing on pain management. We also work to ensure that you receive access to a network of other health professionals who are available if more diagnostic testing or treatments are required.

Why Choose Lane Chiropractic?

Holistic techniques are used literally from head to toe.  In addition to neck and back problems, we treat many extremity issues including problems with:

      • Shoulders
      • Elbows, Wrists, & Hands
      • Hips & Knees
      • Ankles & Feet
      • And More

Both manual and non-force techniques (including Graston soft-tissue work) are available to treat all ages from infants to elderly.

What Clients Say

I recently injured my shoulder while at work and was experiencing upper back, shoulder pain, neck pain and headaches. I came in to see Dr. Lane, and after six sessions I feel like new! Thanks Dr. Lane!
After a few treatments I noticed my back pain decreased. A few more treatments and my migraines all but disappeared. Today I only take Tylenol for the occasional minor aches and pains. Chiropractic has changed my life for the better! Thanks Lane Chiropractic!
Tony Lane has helped tremendously in dealing with severe neck & back pain. My smile has returned, and I am a productive part of the work force again. Degenerative arthritis can be devastating but I am living a great life (again). Thanks Tony!


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Dr. Lane is a Preferred Provider for many insurance plans.  Some examples include: Kaiser Access PPO · Regence · Premera · First Choice · Beech Street PPO · Medicare · Blue Cross/Blue Shield · Labor & Industries (for injured workers). These are just a few. Please feel free to ask whether your insurance is accepted as well. Also, the recent addition to the Tri-West/VA Provider Panel means Military Veterans can now receive treatment right here in Silverdale!