Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Chiropractic care during pregnancy can offer many benefits to those soon to be mothers. This is true both for new mothers as well as veteran mothers. The biggest concern for most is the safety of receiving chiropractic treatments and if it could injury the baby? This is a great question and one that should be reviewed. Here we will review the benefits as well as the potential negative aspects of treatment during this exciting time in a woman’s life.

There are benefits to following a treatment plan that is coordinated with you and others of your health care team including chiropractic care. Pregnancy has its own set of issues that causes discomfort, fatigue, emotional changes and more. Thus, seeking help to alleviate some of these issues is a reasonable part of maintaining and enhancing your health during this time. Talking with your chiropractor to see what he/she can offer is the first step. Even if you haven’t seen a chiropractor it isn’t too late to add this as part of your health care during pregnancy.

Talking with your OB physician is the second step prior to beginning a new care regime. If you already see a chiropractor then they may have spoken with you about continued care and the benefits you will receive. Safety is always their first concern for you and your baby so don’t be afraid to ask questions.


  • Decreasing issues with pelvic balance allowing more room for the developing baby.
  • Restoring poor posture problems caused by the shift in body alignment due to the enlarging abdomen.
  • Decreasing the amount of back and neck discomfort caused by extra weight in the abdomen.
  • Assisting to control pregnancy symptoms such as nausea.
  • Reduction of labor and delivery time.

Women receiving regular chiropractic care find that their bodies are better prepared for labor and deliver. There are so many changes that the body goes through during pregnancy physically and hormonally that finding a good balance and a program to help them through this difficult yet joyful time is beneficial. This is true not only for the mother but also for the developing baby.

Chiropractors receive training during their course of study that helps them to understand the needs of the pregnant woman and the developing baby. They are highly trained to gently provide adjustments for women who are pregnant. Many chiropractors not only have special techniques to help keep moms safe and comfortable during adjustments, but tools such as pregnancy pillows to help them as well.

Pregnant moms who take the time to visit a chiropractor are in general much more comfortable as well. Being more comfortable allows you to spend more time just enjoying the pregnancy and preparing for the new addition to the family.

Have more questions about the benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy? Contact us today for info on what services we offer you during this time. As always talk with your physician as well to be sure there are no restrictions or problems following this approach in your health care plan.