Are There Benefits To Long Term Chiropractic Care?

Are there benefits to long term chiropractic care? Most people with pain that seek out chiropractic care feel that once the pain is gone they no longer need to see their chiropractor. This can be a huge misconception. 

Long term chiropractic care that helps keep your spine free of different types of interference through correct alignment can have a lasting positive impact on your overall health. This is because the whole body responds to the nervous system with its major parts being the brain and the spinal system. When one of the bones of the spinal column is misaligned it can affect several other organs or systems.

Some Examples of affects that can occur with a misaligned spinal vertebra (bones):

  • Improving and/or maintaining joint mobility keeping pain to a minimum, increased flexibility thus reducing your chance of injury.
  • Supporting and protecting the soft tissues surrounding your spinal joints
  • Support for maintaining organ health by keeping your spine in alignment so that the nerves from the spine continue to relay messages to the organs. A disruption of the nerve relay can have a definite impact on an organ’s health. This helps to prevent long term complications.
  • Improving your immune system. This is done by keeping everything in alignment so that nerve impulses to all areas of the body are not disrupted improving communications to the entire body.
  • Improving lung capacity chiropractic care, but the truth is studies have found chiropractic care can help to increase lung capacity. Reducing your risk of heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular issues that may be life threatening is always a concern for most people. This is one area that most people do not think about when looking at long term chiropractic care.

From the examples above you can see why long term chiropractic care can provide you with benefits for your overall health. Some people may feel that they must go weekly to see their chiropractor. This is not so in every case. Only you and your chiropractor can determine what is best for you as an individual. He or she will help you to work on a plan that fits your needs. You may have to go more often in the beginning to become stable and after that there will be more time between visits.

Go ahead and get the jump on improving your health as well as addressing any pain issues you may have. Being proactive with your health care means that you feel more in control and less like everyone is just telling you what to do.

Here at Lane Chiropractic, we love to help people meet their healthcare goals. Feel free to give us a call and discuss what is best for you with a long-term plan as an individual today.