When it comes to the quality or effectiveness of the services we offer at Lane Chiropractic in Silverdale, why take our word for it? The below success stories come from those who can attest to what you can expect when you visit our office.

After playing volleyball competitively for eleven years, my shoulders were stiff and achy. Although I had never seen a chiropractor before, I knew I could trust Tony and he truly had the knowledge to help me.

When I met with Tony the experience was not what I had been expecting. Instead of just correcting my spine, Tony took the time to understand my symptoms, explain my symptoms to me, and develop a plan that included more than correcting my spine and adjusting my shoulders.

During my first appointment, Tony found scar tissue building in my shoulders and my neck was completely off center. Tony had the tools and knowledge to correct these problems. He has even helped me with no longer having a constant headache.

Without Tony taking the time to examine my symptoms, take X-rays, etc I would have never known the severity of my shoulder problem. I am thankful for Dr. Tony Lane and will always recommend him because not only am I getting mobility back in my shoulders, but my all around health and pain level are improving.

Georganna C.
I was an active duty firefighter/EMT in the Army when I received injuries after falling 15ft. After 32 epidurals and 16 nerve ablations I was medically discharged. My chronic back pain had left me feeling miserable with very little mobility.

Having visited Dr. Lane’s Chiropractic office for a few months now, I fell better than I have since before the fall. I am able to do activities I had been limited to the last few years. I am thankful and so grateful for Dr. Lane’s expertise and his knowledge!

I highly recommend going to his office for services including, but not limited to adjustments and use of a new device called rapid release to break up scar tissue.

Lacey A.
I was looking for a good Chiropractor for three issues that were beginning to affect me on a daily basis. My position as HWB Director for the YMCA for many years has kept me active, and teaching classes started catching up wit me.

My left hip and IT band started to have ongoing aching, along with generally tight legs. After a log accidentally hit the back of my head it caused my jaw to click and lock. My left palm was also locking up from jamming it during gymnastics years ago.

One of my yoga instructors recommended Dr. Lane. He practices complete head-to-toe chiropractic. As my visits tapered down my body has been adjusted and healed to the point where I only need twice a month sessions. I highly recommend and trust Dr. Lane.

Janice V.
I had many headaches and back pain that really hindered my enjoyment of the day. Since seeing Dr. Lane I have not been bothered by either problem and feel better every day. Thank You!
We are very pleased how much Tony Lane has helped us. We have two daughters who have chiropractic treatments also. The wife is walking instead of waddling now, which makes me feel very good. He has helped me very much. I don’t get back aches as much.
Tony Lane has helped tremendously in dealing with severe neck & back pain. My smile has returned, and I am a productive part of the work force again. Degenerative arthritis can be devastating but I am living a great life (again). Thanks Tony!
Absolutely astounded at how I felt after the first visit. I have a rotator cuff problem, and it’s been very hard to find relief of any kind. I felt so good and with so much mobility that I was singing the praises of Tony to everyone who would listen. I’m impressed!